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Remember Me

This collection of new music by Brazilian singer-songwriter Yashmin Charnet-Abler and her husband, guitarist-composer Paul Abler "Remember Me" is neither, strictly speaking, Brazilian nor Jazz; rather, elements of both are combined in new and pleasing ways, a sort of vigorous hybrid. The joy and honesty present on her first release remain, but an important transformation has occurred. All songs save two were written by Mr. and Mrs. Abler. I am particularly fond of "Por Ai" and "Mariana's Lullaby". Listen for Allen Farnham's lovely piano accompaniment on the latter track. The rhythm section is comprised of Sean Smith bass, Adriano Santos drums and Caco de Oliveira percussion. These talented fellows provide a manly yet sensitive accompaniment. In addition to writing and arranging most of the music, Paul Abler wields an energetic and unique guitar. He's got his own style. And James Carter, another instrumentalist who has escaped the cookie-cutter, appears on the first and last cuts, playing flute and sax respectively. Carter is fluent in all styles of Jazz but he is not ashamed to pull out the dirty Funk as his solo on "Tigresa" demonstrates. Many sophomores releases are forgettable, but not "Remember Me" by Yashmin Charnet-Abler Jerry Jensen - Just Jazz Guitar

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Remember Me & Jobim, Etc...

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Jobim, etc.

"I'm reminded of a Russian film set in the pre-Democratic U.S.S.R.. The main character dreams of Brazil, the warm and sunny beaches, the beautiful women. He wears a white suit around the streets of his oppressive city feeling somehow this will bring him closer to his dream. This unpretentious recording of Yashmin Charnet might serve as your white suit for it quietly lifts the heart, a 47 minute dream of Brazil." Jerry Jensen Writer for Just Jazz Guitar Reviewer: d.d. A great sexy brazilian voice.Bossa Nova at it's best!

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