Yashmin Charnet Abler - Vocals/Lyrics

Born "Yasmin Carvalho da Rocha Leão" in Rio de Janeiro Yashmin was raised a student of the unique harmony and melody of the revolutionary Bossa Nova Music. From a very young age Yashmin, encouraged by her family, was front and center on stage singing the lyrics of the great musicians such as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Joao Gilberto and Vinicius de Moreas. In the late 1970s Yashmin was inspired to a more serious singing career through a chance meeting with Bossa Nova giant Billy Blanco. With her newly found enthusiasm she attended the prestigious Musica de Minas Escola Livre, a progressive music academy established by two of the most influential musicians from the post-Bossa Nova era Milton Nascimento and Wagner Tiso. Yashmin went on to become a professional radio disk jockey while continuing to perform in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. Yashmin now is based in New York City Area, and is married to Jazz guitarist / composer Paul Abler . Together they compose and perform throughout the country. "Yashmin Charnet is a unique and gifted woman. Her interpretations of the Bossa Nova classics are a breath of fresh air and her charismatic personality really makes for a magnificent show." Steve Messina from MJ12 Yashmin is a participant of the Musicians On Call Program.